Verix Hinges emerges as the SS Hinges Manufacturer in Rajkot and Best SS Hinges Suppliers in Rajkot. Our highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies help us design innovative door and window hinges. We make it a point to use top-grade Stainless Steel which imparts the right amount of strength and durability to the hinges.

We know what your dream abode means to you, and that’s the reason we come up with high-quality manufacturing process and commercial-grade products. From stainless steel door and window hinges to furniture hinges, we have a diverse range of options for numerous customers. Whether it’s in the manufacturing unit or supply and distribution, our dedicated team will lend the best support at every phase.

The complete unit

Verix Hinges ranks amongst the top SS Premium Hinges Manufacturers in Rajkot. With a fully equipped plant in Amraiwadi, we can design and develop products including door holders, ss door hinges and window hinges, door catchers, window locks, and other fittings.

We work with commercial-grade stainless steel including the 304, 316, and 202 types. From residential units to commercial facilities, we at Verix Hinges will offer perfect options for one and all.

Mission and Vision

Quite unlike our contemporaries in the market, we don’t just manufacture door and window hinges. We are innovative creators who have mastered the art of combining technical expertise and creativity. Our team of dedicated manufacturers can create highly functional, top-grade, and high-performance hinges for clients. We value our clients and have a unique vision for them.

With a strong mission statement and exceptional vision, we claim to be the most reliable and reputed SS Premiuim Hinges Supplier in Ahmedabad.

Introducing our team

Verix Hinges prides on its collaborations with some of the top talents in the professional arena. Our manufacturing, designing and management team happens to be highly valuable assets for us. With in-depth knowledge of hinge manufacturing and supply, the Verix team has what it takes to cater to diverse markets. Our success is the result of their hard work, efficiency, and in-depth knowledge.
From door locks, catchers and hinges to other unique fittings, there’s nothing that we don’t manufacture. Our constant urge for creating high-quality hinges catapults us to the peak of success.

Quality meets affordability

Unmatched quality and high-performance are the crucial attributes of our products. We take optimum care to design, develop, and create top-quality door and window hinges. At Verix Hinges, we steer clear of using low-grade steel alloys. Right from raw material procurement to product deliveries, our experts extend optimum support at all stages.

As the leaders in the hinge manufacturing and supply, we assure top quality at incredibly affordable prices. We would love to show product certifications and clients can have a look whenever they wish to. Get in touch with Verix Hinges today, and let’s transform your innovative ideas into reality!

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We offer premium ss hinges more other sizes as below

Size Pcs./Box Pcs./Case
3″ X 15 X 10 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
3″ X 1/2 X 3/4 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
3″ X 3/4 X 3/4 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
3″ X 27 X 10 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
3″ X 1 X 16 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
3″ X 1 X 14 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
3″ X 1 X 12 20.Pcs. 320 Pcs.
4″ X 1/2 X 3/4 10.Pcs. 180 Pcs.
4″ X 3/4 X 3/4 10.Pcs. 180 Pcs.
4″ X 1 X 14 10.Pcs. 180 Pcs.
4″ X 1 X 12 10.Pcs. 180 Pcs.
5″ X 1 X 14 10.Pcs. 180 Pcs.
5″ X 1 X 12 10.Pcs. 180 Pcs.
4″ X 3 X 3(Bearing) 12.Pcs. 96 Pcs.
5″ X 3 X 3(Bearing) 12.Pcs. 96 Pcs.
4″ X 3 X 3(Welding) 7.Pcs. 126 Pcs.
5″ X 3 X 3(Welding) 7.Pcs. 126 Pcs.
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